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We are building communications between countries, companies and businessmen


create and organise high quality conferences, seminars and exhibitions, providing meeting platforms for business leaders and experts from various industries in the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation.
provide opportunities for virtual interaction and transactions on an international level.
expert advice on B2B strategies, on the domestic legislation of the Republic of Turkey in the financial and economic spheres, assistance to companies in establishing and strengthening long-term partnerships.
We can help organise the participation of Turkish companies in exhibitions and forums with the assistance of the Ministry and the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
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At SBDO (SURENKOK Business Development Office), our mission is to empower businesses through strategic B2B solutions. We strive to be a trusted partner, providing expert guidance and innovative strategies that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and foster lasting success for our clients. With a commitment to excellence, we tailor our consultancy services to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each business, fostering collaborative relationships and delivering measurable, impactful results. Together, we navigate the complexities of the B2B business, turning challenges into opportunities and helping our clients achieve their business objectives with confidence and clarity."

Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association with Construction Sector
An important business forum for the pharmaceutical and allied industries-IPhEB
April 2024
We have organised over 3000 b2b meetings in sectors such as: lingerie, textiles, auto-chemicals, building materials mining and more. All events are organised with the support of the Ministry of Turkey as well as Federal structures of local governments. What our clients are talking about SBDO:
"As the CEO of our company, I want to emphasize the critical importance of B2B meetings in building and nurturing strong business relationships, especially when it comes to fostering connections between Turkey and Russia. In today's globalized marketplace, collaboration between companies from different countries is essential for growth and success. B2B meetings provide a unique opportunity for businesses to come together, exchange ideas, explore potential partnerships, and establish connections that can lead to mutually beneficial ventures. In the case of Turkey and Russia, these two nations have a rich history of trade and cultural exchange, making the potential for collaboration even more exciting.These meetings allow us to bridge cultural and geographical gaps, enabling us to understand each other's markets, needs, and strengths. By fostering connections between Turkish and Russian companies, we can tap into new markets, share expertise, and create innovative solutions that benefit both nations. B2B meetings provide a platform to stay informed about industry trends, regulatory changes"
Omur Surenkok
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